Sunday, September 28, 2008

EMAIL: BEST DINNER YET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What did you make for dinner?
Check out this email from my friend and Homemade Gourmet customer, Tracee. I am so honored to have received such wonderful feedback!
Tracee has been a customer of mine for over a year!
Thanks Tracee for your kind words....
Jen -
Hey there! Todd and I wanted to let you know what a wonderful dinner we had tonight. Our main course was the Season 'n' Steam Tenderloin mix. Oh my gosh - if you haven't tried this one yet - it's a must for your list! This morning I cut up the loin, threw it in the bag, with the mix and water and let it marinade for a few hours. We also had corn, along with Mom's mashed potato's and the three cheese garlic biscuit's - YUM! Dessert was Grandma's Buttermilk Pie - Awesome!
Back to the tenderloin - it was the best that either one of us have ever had. Todd loves to eat and try new things, and this one was a hit. His words, "This is Killer" !! I am adding a few of these to my next shipment for sure!!! Thank you so much for introducing me to Homemade Gourmet! You of all people know my hectic schedule and how hard it is for me to come home and fix a nice meal. With HG it's sooo easy! Anyone who is not a Preferred Homemade Gourmet customer, really should consider it. Without that I'm not sure I would of tried a lot of the great meals that we have had.
Again, thanks so much for everything, especially your friendship. Give those adorable babies hugs and lots of kisses from Todd, Allie and I !!
Love ,
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