Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Any Chocolate Lovers????

Chocolate Treats for Chocolate Lovers!!!!
October is here and chocolate chips are back! Now that the weather is cooling down a bit, Homemade Gourmet can resume shipping mixes that contain chocolate chips. These mixes are available again just in time for the busy fall season. Who can resist a piece of Chocolate Chip Cookie Pie…so rich and scrumptious. Or for those who prefer an actual chocolate chip cookie, we offer our Chocolate Chunk Cookie, loaded with big chunks of chocolate. This is not your average chocolate chip cookie! Is white chocolate more your taste? Then stock up on White Chocolate Cran-Orange Cookie Mix. This decadent cookie is great for holiday parties.

Mocha Cappuccino Muffin Mix - $6.50
Chocolate Chip Cookie Pie Mix - $7.50
Chocolate Chunk Cookie Mix - $6.75
White Chocolate Cran-Orange Cookie Mix - $7.50
Chocolate Pecan Cheesecake Mix - 6.50
Five Minute Fudge Mix - $6.75
To place your order today, you can order directly off my website by visiting:
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Amy said...

yummy! Chocolate used to be a weakness for me, but I've gotten better-hehe! Well, maybe a little better, I have to admit that right now I am scarfind down a caramel, hazelnut, mocha from starbucks, and no, its not sugar free or non-fat. How terrible am I? I had to quit buying hostess cupcakes, because I finally reached the age where my metabolism dropped-ha!

kc said...

how much dose it pay it dosent say on the website i would love more info must be fun to sell chocolates